These are the questions I asked everyone who participated in the book:

1)What did your parents or grandparents do for you when you were growing up that instilled in you the love of our great country?

2)What have you done with your own kids or grandkids, if you have them, to do the same?

3)What would you tell parents to do to teach the core values of our country to their children?

4)What would your kids tell me about why they love the country?

5)What have you done with your kids to teach them about The Constitution and our other founding documents? 

6)What do your kids talk to other kids (if they're still kids) about when discussing being a proud American? 

7)What is the most significant thing parents should think about in raising their kids as good patriots? 

8) What is the most important value that being a patriot teaches our kids - loyalty, respect, courage, honor, etc? Why?

How to Raise an American Patriot,
Making It Okay For Our Kids to Be Proud to Be American