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How to Raise An American Patriot by Marijo N. Tinlin


Marijo N. Tinlin

I'm Marijo N. Tinlin, the author of How to Raise An American Patriot, Making It Okay For Our Kids To Be Proud To Be American written for parents, grandparents, or anyone else who has a child in their lives and in whom they wish to instill a love of the United States.

How to Raise An American Patriot is my first book and was a product of an interview I did while I was the editor-in-chief of a family-oriented website.

Quotes From The Book
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“To be a patriot, you have to have some component of faith. The 

quintessential core belief of American patriotism, the cornerstone, is the belief that we were destined to be the ‘shining city on the hill.’ You’ve got to have a faith component to really believe that.”


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